Press Releases

Press Releases convey information about your company, your products or your services to outlets that spread your message to targeted customers. The who, what, when, where, and why structure of the press release offers an objective, unbiased presentation of your key developments, product introduction, company milestone, etc., avoiding the appearance of “advertising”. It can also be cost-effective to provide business information to selected news content distributors, allowing them to distribute your material to their digital and print media clients. I have access to select outlets, and they’ve helped to access thousands of prospects via video, audio and printed word. Specific niche consumer groups, industries, geographics, and other market segments can be selected.

Also, Electronic Press Kits are offered, containing high-resolution photography, company logo artwork, video clips, audio messages, calendars, printed product or service descriptions, etc. EPKs can give editors a comprehensive description of your company or its products or services.

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Callaway Cars Inc.
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